Materials & Tech

Supreme Raw Materials

OSCARVES® is dedicated to a better life, from raw silk materials to fine knitting and finishing. Continue to improve, carry on artisan spirit, create extraordinary products.

We selected "Jingsong X Haoyue" silkworm species, the silkworm shape is moderate, good cleanliness, and homogeneous. The silkworms live in the Mid-latitude, surrounded by lush green mountains.

Select Grade 6A Silk

Grade6A: the grade of silk refers to the length of thesilkfibres, with longer lengths resulting in a smoother, more lustrous finish.

Innovative Weaving

Unlike the traditional satin fabric, OSCARVES® has given the warp and weft threads of the weave an innovative treatment. A challenge to the traditional way while making the weave process exquisite.

Ecological Dyeing

We use environmentally friendly reactive dyeing and printing materials from Japan that are natural and harmless. The result is a durable fabric with a bright and vivid color. In addition, the printing and dyeing processes have a great effect on color consistency.

Fine Post-firnishing

In addition to controlling elements such as shrinkage rate and final shape, fine data control gives the fabric new life. During the process of shaping, the steamer keeps a constant temperature, which allows the softness to continue to bloom.