When we traveled to Hangzhou, we saw people smiling a lot and hanging out with their cozy and chic silk scarves. Then we started noticing nature's best gift - silk, which is a precious gift that our mother earth brings to us. Its softness and smoothness gave them a wonderful sensation of comfort and relaxation that they’d never experienced before.

We love silk scarves. (Hate synthetics.)

So why don't we deliver it to people all over the world? 

After returning to the states, we wanted to continue to experience the benefits of silk at home. We tried to find the same silk that was beauty enriching, affordable, and high quality, but they were disappointed to find the available options were either too costly or poorly made.

As a group of designers in California, we made a significant change in our career path. After two year of sourcing, experimenting and cooperating with Sino Silk - an experienced company who is proud to provide the world with the world's fairest real real silk, we started OSCARVES - The aspirational lifestyle and silk scarf brand.


Our mission is to provide high quality silk products at a reasonable price so that everyone can experience the luxurious feel of silk without breaking the bank.

When in doubt, add a scarf.